Shania Twain


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Come on over....Come on in!!


Favorite CD

My favorite cd by Shania is 'The Woman In Me'.Because it's more traditional country and thats what I like.She tells it how it is.And its the album that made her the star she is today.



Check out all 3 of Shania's albums...more coming soon!!

Latest Single-
I'm Holding On To Love To Save My Life
From-Come On Over

Latest Video-
Roch This Country
From-Come On Over

Track List:
Man I feel I like a woman,I'm holding onto to love to save my life,Love gets me everytime,Don't be stupid,From this moment on,Come on over,When,Whatever you do dont,If you wanna touch her ask,You're still the one,Honey I'm home,That dont impress me much,Black eyes blue tears,I won't leave you lonely,Rock this country,You've got a way

Favorite Song

My favorite song is 'No One Needs To Know'.I dont know why it's my favorite.I like the acoustic guitar,and I like that you can hear Mutt's voice.